We decided to make it super easy for you to get all of the info on becoming a Rep / Group Leader. Please view the videos to the left and the info below to answer all of your questions on what a rep or group leader is, what you do, and how to become one!

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Each person signing up needs to list a group leader on their reservation- This simply means you select someone in your group to be the main contact for the group for check-in and trip info etc.

-Organize a group of their friends to go on trips!

( Usually 4 or more people, since the condos sleep 4, 6, or 8 )
-Has friends sign up under their name (listed on flyer)
-Designated Ski Travel contact for their group

- Organizes large groups (20+) usually more than just friends.
- Promotes ski trip on campus or to a club or organization
- Recruits people to sign up under their name (listed on flyer)
- Designated Ski Travel contact for everyone they sign-up

- CAMPUS REP - click to learn more
- GREEK REP(Fraternity/Sorority) - click to learn more
- CLUB REP- Ski/Snowboard club,any type of CLUB or organization - click to learn more
- SHOP REP-Ski/Snowboard shop - Must be an employee of shop - click to learn more

Fill out a short form online - it's that easy! Click the button below to register to become a rep. We will send your materials free by mail.