Chaperones and Staff

Ski Travel staff

Prioritizing Your Child's Safety:

  • The safety of your child is your paramount concern, and it holds the same position of utmost importance for SKI TRAVEL. Our ski and snowboard trips are meticulously designed to provide students with a wholesome activity (skiing and snowboarding), complete with dedicated chaperones and professional transportation.
  • In many respects, these trips offer a safer environment than when students spend time with friends during a regular weekend at home. In those situations, they may find themselves unsupervised and potentially exposed to the challenges associated with teenage drivers.
  • Our tour buses are operated by seasoned professionals employed by the reputable company Gunther Charters. We prioritize safety above.

Once in Old Quebec City, students find themselves in a charming, walled, historic pedestrian village

  • Upon arrival in Old Quebec City, students discover themselves in the midst of a charming, historic, and walled pedestrian village that exudes a unique ambiance.
  • Old Quebec City, with its rich history, offers an array of captivating attractions to keep students entertained once the slopes close for the day. What makes it even more appealing is that the Old City is compact enough to ensure that students are always within easy reach of their hotel.
  • The historic area surrounding the hotel presents a plethora of engaging and wholesome activities, alongside fantastic shopping and dining options that cater to all tastes and budgets. As Ski Travel chaperones diligently conduct their regular check-ins with their designated group of students, young travelers are encouraged to assert their independence by choosing activities that pique their interest.
  • Despite often having multiple buses of students on the trip, our staffing and chaperone arrangements are designed to create a more intimate and personalized experience. Each busload of students is paired with their own dedicated staff, roommates, and friends. Together, they journey through the drive and day at the slopes as a close-knit unit.
  • During the northward journey, chaperones and staff establish a positive rapport with the students, fostering a harmonious working relationship that lasts throughout the weekend. This ensures that students feel comfortable and supported, enhancing their overall trip experience.

Starting off right

  • Policy Agreement with Rules and consequences of the trip, signed by student and parent.
  • Organized and straightforward system for check in at departure
  • Strong policy against use and possession of alcohol and/or illegal drugs
  • Student bags and personal items carefully checked at bus boarding
  • Quick and decisive action with consequences for policy violations

Chaperones and Security Staff

  • Meet their students at bus and stay assigned to those students for the duration of the trip
  • Include parents, teachers, law enforcement officers, nurses, government professionals
  • Their backgrounds have been checked and are all personal referrals
  • Most chaperones ride buses with students, others take a plane and meet the buses in Canada
  • Ratio: one adult to 12-15 students
  • Aged 25-60+; average age is 38
  • Accessible at all times in hotel and by 2 way radios
  • Eat in same area of restaurants, and walk the same streets as students; present throughout ski area and hotel area
  • Several local French and English speakers to assist with emergency situations
  • Assist students with check-in at ski area and hotel
  • Personal mandatory check in with all students 3 times each day:8:30 am; 4 pm 10:30 pm
  • Professional security guards are in the hotel hallways in the late evening hours.

On-Site Staff During Trips

  • 24-hour emergency line
  • Security guards on each floor of the hotel in the late evening hours
  • Professional Ski Travel tour operators
  • Staff continues to patrol the area throughout the evening after night-time check-in
  • Equipped with 4 wheel drive vehicles for emergencies
  • In contact with chaperones and security via 2-way radios & cell phones
  • Quick access to paramedics and emergency medical services
  • Hospitals are also available very nearby
  • Security /chaperones enforce after 11:00 p.m. restrictions

Staff and Chaperone Profiles:

  • Since our establishment in 1981, SKI TRAVEL has recognized that effectively dealing with students requires specialized skills and expertise. Over the years, we have meticulously assembled a dedicated team to meet these unique needs.
  • Our trip management staff comprises a Trip Director, Assistants, and seasoned professionals who specialize in managing travel logistics specifically tailored to the needs of youths. We understand the importance of providing expert guidance and supervision throughout the trip.
  • Our chaperones are carefully selected, with each coming to us through family and personal referrals. Rest assured, we conduct thorough background checks to ensure their suitability for the role.
  • Many of our chaperones bring a wealth of experience to the table. They are often parents, teachers, law enforcement officers, nurses, or government professionals who share a passion for winter sports and a genuine enjoyment of working with kids.
  • Furthermore, we go the extra mile to enhance safety and security during late evening hours. Professional Security Guards are positioned in the hallways each night, adding an extra layer of protection and reassurance for everyone on the trip.

Responsibility of Students / Parents

    • The journey towards individual responsibility begins at home, with parents taking the time to explain the importance of proper behavior and values. Both students and parents are required to sign the Policies/Trip Rules, acknowledging their commitment to these guidelines.
    • Trips like this provide parents with a unique opportunity to witness their child's growing independence, allowing them to take on more responsibility while away from home.
    • Students play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable trip experience by being mindful of the established rules and policies. This includes adhering to regular check-ins with chaperones at specified times.
    • It's essential for students to carefully inspect their rooms at check-in and promptly report any damages to avoid complications later on.
    • Please note that no guests are allowed in student rooms after the evening check with chaperones, and noise restrictions and evening rules must be observed after 11 p.m.
    • While there isn't an official curfew*, students are not permitted to enter the rooms of other students after the final check-in. However, they are welcome in common areas, such as the lobby, and are free to grab food and other essentials.
    • The majority of students have no difficulty adhering to these rules while thoroughly enjoying their winter sports trip. They typically spend time with students of their own age and tend to avoid late nights. To ensure a safe and supervised environment, SKI TRAVEL staff and senior chaperones patrol the resort during late hours.
    • *About 25 years ago, we decided to eliminate an actual curfew and "lights out" rule because students often viewed these as challenges to break. Instead, our SKI TRAVEL staff, senior chaperones, and Security Guards maintain a vigilant presence and provide supervision throughout the hotel during late hours.
    • These high school students will soon find themselves away at college in just a few short months or years. These trips serve as a window into the type of independence they will soon encounter. Since 1981, SKI TRAVEL has been serving this age group, and year after year, we have found that the majority of students have no difficulty abiding by the rules.
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