Company policies / Cancellation rules, etc.


Cancellation Policy and Selling Your Space

Briefly, Ski Travel’s cancellation policy is as follows:

  • We strongly recommend purchase of trip/cancellation insurance.
  • Cancellations must be made by email or in writing by mail. Email:  / Mail:  Ski Travel | P.O. Box 1610 | Springfield, VA 22151
  • Cancellation amounts for non-refundable and Payment #2 listed below are based on the dollar amount of payments listed on the payment plan schedule, regardless of whether you paid in full or with payments.
  • Cancellations received 60 or more days prior to the trip will result in a refund of all payments except the amount of the initial non-refundable deposit.
  • Cancellations received 30 – 59 days prior to the trip will result in a refund of all payments except the amount of the initial non-refundable deposit and amount payment #2.
  • Cancellations received less than 30 days before departure are not refundable. But you can Sell Your Space- see details below

Selling your space

• Up to 14 days before departure, anyone may sell his or her space to another student provided SKI TRAVEL is notified and the student replacing the cancelled student
submits a new reservation form. (Received by 14 days prior.) Subject to change.

  • Please use this email address to notify Ski Travel that you wish to Sell A Space:

If you are selling your space: We must receive an e-mail from your original e-mail used to register.

  • In this e-mail you can advise us to credit the new person with the funds you have paid.

NOTE ON SELLING YOUR SPACE: The new person buying your space pays you directly.

  • SKI TRAVEL must be notified and the student replacing the cancelled student must submit a new reservation form and all required documents signed by new student and parents in order to attend the trip
  • Room requests/assignments are not guaranteed
  • Selling the space is not the responsibility of Ski Travel.

SKI TRAVEL’S cancellation policy reflects conditions the company must work within. SKI TRAVEL must pay for lodging, lift tickets, equipment and transportation in advance of every ski trip and is not entitled to a refund from the hotel/lodging, ski resort or the bus company etc. in the event our customer cancels.

Policy Agreement
 (Rules of the Trip)

 (Rules of the Trip)

  • Parents and students sign this agreement to complete their reservation.

The agreement is mandatory to attend the trip.

This agreement is made and entered into by and between DMC Companies, Inc. / T/A Ski Travel Unlimited, Ski Travel LLC (“Ski Travel”), the Student Participant (“Student”), and the Parent of the Student Participant (“Parent”).


WHEREAS, by separate writing, Student and Parent have entered into an agreement with Ski Travel whereby the student will take part in the ski & snowboard trip to Canada.

WHEREAS, Student and Parent jointly and severally agree to be responsible for Student’s conduct throughout the entire trip.

NOW THEREFORE, the Parties agree as follows:

1 Ski Travel will act as an agent for the Student and suppliers providing transportation, lodging, lift tickets, rental equipment and other options and activities for the ski trip to Canada.

2 Student will pay the total sum agreed upon on the trip website and Reservation Contract.

3 BUS: Student agrees to accept responsibility for damage he/she causes to the bus. In the event that it cannot be determined who caused certain damage, then Student and Parent agree to pay an equal share for the damage with all Students who traveled on that bus and/or their Parents. Ski Travel is not responsible or liable for any lost, stolen or misplaced luggage or any personal possessions including wallets, purse, backpack, cash, credit/debit cards, skis, boots, snowboards, helmets, poles, radios, IPhones, cell phones, bluetooth speaker, headphones, AirPods etc. caused by reason of any delay, defect or negligence by any transportation company (BUS), hotel or real estate agency, ski resort or any other party providing services on the ski trip.

4 DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: Possession, use, or consumption of drugs and alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. This prohibition applies to all students registered on the trip regardless of current legal age. This prohibition applies on the bus, in the rental unit/room, ski resort and in all other locations during the entire trip.

  • Student and Parent agree that Ski Travel may search Student’s luggage and/or room/unit and/or person at any time or place during the trip.

5 HOTEL LODGING: Student is reminded the lodging rented for his/her use is contracted by Ski Travel and he/she agrees to respect the rights of occupants of neighboring rooms, whether those occupants are fellow students or private owners/guests. The student agrees to use and occupy the rental unit, whether room or other type of rental unit, in such a manner that he/she will not interfere with others in the use and occupancy of their unit/room or rental unit. Loud or disruptive behavior is prohibited and student may not throw or hang objects from balconies or windows. If Student violates the foregoing standards of conduct, then he/she is subject to eviction and payment of charges levied by the hotel/resort for damage or excessive noise.

  • Valid Identification is required to obtain the room key, cash, and for various other purposes. Ski Travel is not responsible or liable for luggage misplaced or lost by hotel staff.

6 LOST/STOLEN PERSONAL POSSESSIONS: Student is reminded to keep possessions and important documents secure. Ski Travel is not responsible or liable for any lost, stolen or misplaced luggage or any personal possessions including wallets, purse, backpacks, cash, credit/debit cards, skis, boots, snowboards, helmets, poles, radios, iPhones, cell phones, bluetooth speaker, headphones, AirPods, computers etc.

    You must use the ski check, bus etc. Ski Travel & the resort/hotel are not responsible for lost or stolen equipment.
    The student and parents are responsible for payment of lost or stolen rental equipment. Payment is due prior to departure from the resort.

7 NOTIFICATION OF INJURY: Student shall promptly notify a staff member of any injury. Staff member can authorize medical care with the medical release signed by the parent (paragraph 23, page 3).

8 SECURITY DEPOSIT / HOTEL SECURITY FEE: A $20 (Twenty-Dollar) US CASH ONLY refundable security deposit and a $20 (Twenty Dollar)
US CASH ONLY non-refundable Hotel Security Fee will be collected from Student on the bus. The $20 US CASH security deposit (Only) will be refunded on the bus after departure from the ski resort provided the Student does not violate the Damage Policy (Section 9, below).

9 DAMAGE POLICY AND PAYMENT: Student is legally responsible for his/her room and its furnishings. Any loss or damage to the bus or student room will be the responsibility of Student and Parent and all other registered Students who occupy that room and their Parents.
Student should never remove furnishings, linens, and/or towels from any room. Student will be held liable for any damages to common areas such as the hallways, hotel grounds and any other areas shared by the Students.

  • Ski Travel reserves the right to demand payment for damages from Student before Student is permitted to board the bus for the return trip home. Student/Parent agree to pay for damages on demand. Parent is also responsible for Student’s damage and accepts liability for payment of damages or losses.

10 ROOM OCCUPANCY (NUMBER OF STUDENTS PER ROOM ): As per the Ski Trip Reservation Contract (Sign-up Form, Roommate Section),
all rooms are maximum occupancy. Minimum 4 persons per room. One person per pillow. Examples: A room with two double or queen beds is for
4 people (2 per bed). Some rooms also have double pull out beds for 2 people. Some rooms may have a king or queen bed for 2 persons and a
rollaway bed for 1 person


  • Student trip price is based on a basic hotel-style room as described previously in Section 10.
  • Ski Travel provides a rooming list and the Hotel assigns the room numbers.
  • Each hotel randomly assigns upgraded rooms if necessary depending on the size of the group. Some students may receive a larger or upgraded room (such as a room with deluxe features, balcony, larger square footage etc ).

Student / Parent are reminded of the following:

  • Daily maid service is provided for each room. In addition to cleaning room and changing linens/ towels etc, the maids inspect daily for damage. The hotel must maintain the rooms in “Like New” condition for future guests.

ROOM INSPECTION BY STUDENTS AT CHECK-IN: Students must inspect their room at check-in and report any “Existing Damage“ within one hour of check-in directly to the front desk to avoid being charged at check-out. Any existing damage to a room must be reported to the front desk within one hour of check-in. Students must confirm and verify their report of this existing damage and obtain the name of the person at the front desk receiving the said report.

  • SKIS AND SNOWBOARDS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN ANY ROOM. You must leave equipment at the mountain ski check or in the bus.
  • Ski Travel, the resort and the bus company are not responsible for lost or stolen equipment.

13 EVICTION FOR DAMAGE: Any damage discovered by the maids or management including cigarette burns, scratches on walls, missing towels, broken beds, missing art, room items etc. and/or any other damage to the hotel lodging property and/or noise violations, lost or stolen items (including rental equipment) will result in the demand for Student to make immediate payment for such damage. The student may also face eviction from his/her room for damage. Payment for room damages (Including lost rental ski/snowboard equipment) must be completed at time of loss/damage or before check-out from the hotel prior to departure from hotel / resort per section 9.

In addition to eviction:


14 WHILE ON TRIP AT RESORT/HOTEL: Student is not permitted to leave/depart the resort, hotel property / grounds / Village of Quebec City area at any time via foot, taxi, Uber, Lyft etc. except with a member of the Ski Travel staff under an emergency circumstance.

  • CHECK-IN TIMES FOR SAFETY. Students are given a laminated card with mandatory Check-in times. Student must be physically present for check-in. Failure to appear is grounds for expulsion from the trip.

15 CANADIAN BORDER: Crossing the border from the U.S. into Canada and on the return to the U.S. for U.S Citizens requires:

(1) An Original Birth Certificate with a raised seal and government issued picture ID
(2) A valid U.S. Passport

NOTE: If Student is not a citizen of the United States or if Student was not born in the USA, he/she must present a passport and/or proper traveling documents per immigration laws of the United States and Canada. For non-citizens it is best to consult with the U.S and Canadian Embassy for guidance. Ski Travel is not responsible if a student is denied entry into Canada. Student will be required to return to custody of U.S. Immigration and must parent must arrange for the return of the student return home at parent/personal expense.

BE ADVISED: It is against the law to transport alcohol or drugs across the Canadian and U.S. border. Canadian and U.S. customs may search bags. If alcohol or drugs are found, any Student in possession of alcohol or drugs is subject to Canadian and U.S. Law, including denial of entry into Canada, return court date in Canada or the U.S. with Parent or Guardian. Student will be required to return to U.S. Immigration and must return home at parent or personal expense.

16 WHILE ATTENDING THE TRIP: Student is a member of the “Ski Travel Group.”

  • IMPORTANT: For Safety and Security, if Student is asked by a member of the Ski Travel Staff, Ski Patrol, Medical technician, Police/Security, store clerk, restaurant staff, etc., then Student is required, at all times, to identify himself/herself as a member of the Ski Travel Group. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate expulsion from the trip. (See Section 22)

17 FAKE ID: Possession and /or use of a “FAKE ID” (Fraudulent Identification) or misleading a member of the Ski Travel Staff, Ski Patrol, Medical technician, Police/Security, store clerk, restaurant staff, etc. as to Student’s true age is grounds for immediate expulsion from the trip by Ski Travel and prosecution by the Canadian / US authorities. (See Section 22)

18 STUDENTS/PERSONS NOT REGISTERED ON THE TRIP ARE NOT PERMITTED IN STUDENT’S ROOM AT ANY TIME. The Student attending the trip is NOT PERMITTED in any room and/or unit belonging to any person NOT registered on the Ski Travel trip. Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate expulsion from the trip.( See Section 22)
AFTER 11:00 PM, only those participants registered to Student’s assigned room/ unit are permitted in that room/unit.


19 The student may be expelled from the trip at any time for violating this agreement (See Section 22), for violating the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, State of Maryland, District of Columbia, the United States of America, Canada and/or the laws of the Province of Quebec, for improper conduct and for any other reason the trip operator, at his sole discretion, believes requires expulsion from the trip.

20 The student may be expelled from the trip and will be required to return home at personal or Parent’s expense for stealing, disrespect, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, assault, battery and/or other misconduct toward chaperones, tour personnel, bus drivers, security, police, other student trip participants and/or the tour operator. No refund is given if the student is expelled.

21 I understand that Ski Travel is not responsible for the actions of the Hotel or Resort Security / Police or the Québec Provincial Police. Ski Travel is not required and will not intervene on behalf of Student for violations of law.

22 The ski trip staff reserves the right to expel any student in violation of this Policy Agreement at any time from the ski trip and require that the Student return home at Parent’s or Personal expense. No refunds will be given.

23 MEDICAL RELEASE: In the event of a medical emergency, I give my permission for my son or daughter to be treated by a qualified physician. I recognize and acknowledge that injuries can occur while engaging in skiing, snowboarding and other activities associated with winter weather and the trip.

Policy on Weather Delays

SKI TRAVEL has never cancelled a trip in over 38 years. We think it’s a good thing when it snows on a ski trip!

However, occasionally there is a major snowstorm in our metro area, either just before or during our trip to Canada. This causes concern among parents and guardians of our students who are unsure of the situation. SKI TRAVEL endeavors to keep both our students and their parents informed of any severe weather-related situation. As soon as feasible, we will provide updated information on our website after 8 p.m. on the night prior to our return.

Remember, we travel I-95 and I-87, major interstate highways for the entire trip until the last five miles of the trip when we get off to head to the resort. The roads to the resort are always well-cleared and maintained by experts in winter weather. Our professional charter drivers, too, are experienced in and trained for winter weather conditions.

SKI TRAVEL works with our bus company and the appropriate state agencies (highway patrol, departments of transportation) to ascertain the suitability of conditions to continue our trip. If a major highway route is closed and no alternative roads are available to allow us to progress, we will stop at the nearest rest stop and determine what our next step will be. In the event conditions necessitate that we delay our trip to the next day and we are too far from home, we will make arrangements to have our students lodged at a facility convenient to our location. Students may be expected to pay for any lodging costs necessitated by such action.

Since 1981, we have never had a weather-related condition necessitating an unscheduled lodging while en route to or from Canada.

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