Safety / Security / Trip insurance

Peace of Mind with SKI TRAVEL:

  • Keep in mind that SKI TRAVEL has over 40+ years of experience in operation, which means we are prepared and equipped to handle any emergency that may arise.
  • Your children are in the capable hands of a renowned ski resort and hotel, accompanied by adult chaperones and travel professionals who have meticulously planned for all potential contingencies.
  • We prioritize safety above all else, and that includes ensuring that paramedics, a clinic, hospital facilities, emergency vehicles, and comprehensive emergency care services are readily available on-site or conveniently nearby. Rest assured that we have taken every measure to ensure the well-being of your children throughout their trip.

Response to Injuries:

  • While we make every effort to ensure a safe trip, injuries can occasionally occur. In such cases, experienced staff, security personnel, or ski patrol personnel are the first responders to provide assistance, whether the injury takes place on the slopes or within the hotel premises.
  • SKI TRAVEL is promptly informed of any injuries, and our immediate priority is to ensure the well-being of the affected student. Students with minor injuries receive prompt attention and care in our on-site clinic.
  • For more serious injuries that require additional medical attention, students are transported to a nearby hospital. SKI TRAVEL maintains a fleet of rented four-wheel drive vehicles, which can be utilized to swiftly transport students to medical care facilities when necessary.
  • We understand the importance of keeping families informed during such situations. As soon as practical, SKI TRAVEL notifies families of injured students by telephone, providing updates on their condition and any changes that may occur.
  • It's worth noting that hospitals may request credit card payment for minor emergency room visits. Rest assured, receipts are provided for your convenience, allowing you to seek reimbursement through your insurance company. Your child's well-being remains our top priority, and we take all necessary steps to ensure they receive the care they need in the event of an injury.

Payment for Services and Medical Insurance:

  • Typically, the medical expenses associated with treating injuries while traveling fall under the coverage of your regular family medical insurance OR the recommended Trip Insurance (If you have purchased)
  • However, it's important to note that in some cases you will be expected to pay for these medical services upfront and then submit your medical bills for reimbursement once you return home.
  • Students who receive treatment for injuries in the clinic or a nearby hospital are required to make payment using a credit card or primary authorization from the recommended Trip Insurance (If you purchased) In instances where a student does not have a credit card, treatment payment can be authorized over the phone by the student's parents or guardians.
  • It's essential for students to ensure they receive and retain copies of all bills incurred as a result of injuries during the trip. Hospital-related expenses, which tend to be more extensive, often involve arrangements made directly with the insurance company in the United States to handle payment.
  • However, certain expenses, such as those related to ambulances, may need to be paid by credit card or primary the recommended Trip Insurance (If you purchased) initially and then submitted for reimbursement to your insurance carrier.
  • If you are uncertain about your health insurance provider's travel coverage policy and procedures, we recommend contacting them directly to clarify any doubts and ensure that you are well-informed about the process. Your child's safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we aim to provide the necessary support and guidance in all situations, including medical emergencies.

Travel Insurance (We strongly recommend, really worth having)

Coverage for: Trip Cancellation, Primary Medical and Dental, Emergency Medical Transportation, Baggage, Trip Delay


  • Trip cancellation and travel health insurance is available to SKI TRAVEL customers through Allianz Travel and is highly recommended.
  • This product puts many parents’ minds at ease over concerns of adequate out of the country health insurance coverage and the possibility of a trip cancellation.



*$41 based on Sample Quote on “Basic Plan” student age 16 as of 10/1/2023

You will be presented with a variety of plan options. The lowest cost plan is the Basic Plan above.

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